If you want to deploy your sensors in an area we already cover :

Just open a free account, we offer few free subscription and start now by registering on our console your sensors, see how your data are delivered where you want and then conclude you like our solution. Then buy few subscriptions for your sensors on our  shop. Then login to our console , create your LoRa application and register your sensors or motes  (as defined by the LoRa standards). Define on our console how you want to get your data delivered for each application you own… Immediately you data flow between your sensors to your applications servers

If you want to deploy your sensors in an area we do not cover already :

We propose a partnership with you. Because LoRa use an unlicensed radio band that mean that like wifi or bluetooth anywhere in the world, without any paperwork or authorization,  anybody is able to install a LoRa gateway or a Lora sensor. In this context, Yes, we propose that you take care of the gateway(s) while we take care of the network servers.

We propose that partnering together we deliver your LoRaWAN dream network where you needs it and when you need it. No need to try to find on the other side of the planet a local LoRaWAN operator if it exist. No reason to create complexity by calling each public telco api you need to get your precious data. With Sertone you will have only one global network and one delivery method for all your data worldwide.

You will have to buy your own LoRa certified gateway. This is an inexpensive investment (costing from 300$ and up to much more) that can be easily included to the cost of your solution and finally paid by your customer. You will not buy your gateways from Sertone as we are not selling any hardware. You will buy it from any supplier you will choose freely based on these very basic requirements  :

  1. Your gateway must be certified by LoRa Alliance to operate where you want to install it
  2. Your gateway  must be connected and configured to send all data to our core network servers using the standard Semtech poly packet forwarder protocol

We are preparing some partnership programs to help you select compatible gateways you can buy safely from reputable vendors and their distributors.

Then install, configure and finally register your gateway on our console. Then register your sensors also on our console and define how you want the delivery of your data. We will offer a large number of free sensors subscription for each gateway registered and connected 24/7 to our network core servers.

The first “Uberized” IOT global telecom network.

Because your gateway(s) may collect and send to our core network servers payload sent by sensors/motes owned by other sertone customer, for the very first time in the telecom industry we decided to share with you, the gateway owner a part of these sensors/motes subscription profit.  Once a day we will do the accounting and credit your partner account. At end of the month this account reach a minimum balance we will pay what we owe via paypal. This feature will be available very soon.

It is all about partnership

Together we can create a global ecosystem. Together we can in few years cover this planet with the LoRa network of your dream. Let build it together.