Sertone had been created to solve another chicken and egg problem.

LoRaWAN network are not deployed because there are no sensors to connect to the world in this area, while sensors are not deployed because there is no LoRaWAN network to serve this area.

A LoRaWAN network is built with two different elements :

  1. Gateways are small boxes with on one end an antenna and on the other end some kind of internet connectivity
  2. Central core network servers that receive all data sent by gateways, process them and deliver to customers servers

Before Sertone you had only two solutions :

  1. Operate your own private LoRa network and that mean buy gateways and a core network solution to run on their servers and learn or hire how to operate all this.. Then each time you want to deploy somewhere you have to add some LoRa gateway. The main issue here is to operate a LoRa private network and this is probably not your core business meaning your management will probably not accept this large investments.
  2. Find if a public network exist where you want to develop your solution and this is not an easy task. If you are lucky you have to buy few subscriptions for your sensors. Then you develop your application code and interface it to retrieve your data from the server of this public network. Later, when you will  have to deploy in various location you will again have to find if there are any public network and it is very possible that your public network do not serve the areas where you want to deploy your sensors. Deployment will not be possible with the same public network you used to develop your solution. Meaning you have to find if another public network exist in this area. If you are lucky you will have to adapt your application servers to retrieve data from each public LoRa network because each of them will use a different interface.  Using local public network when you create a global solution is not an option. for a global solution you need a global network.

Our value proposition is very simple : let partner together…    how ?